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Ana Brandt is a Professional Photographer and International Educator.

In the past ten years Ana has taught in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Italy, Japan, Peru, Spain, Mexico, the U.K.  and throughout the United States. She has trained at the largest Photography Tradeshows on the planet…WPPI, Imaging USA and also was a part of the Baby Summit in 2016.

In 2017 along with her husband Geoff Brandt, she ran her own Conference- Belly Baby and Beyond in Newport Beach California. Hundreds of Photographers from around the world came to this event. She and her husband are running the event again in 2018.  |

Nicole Smith Photography is a world-renowned, award-winning, and nationally published maternity, newborn, and family photographer. 

One on one mentoring allows you to learn all about NATURAL OR STUDIO lighting, camera settings, custom white balance for best skin tones, exposure and how to get the best image Straight out of Camera as well as how I typically shoot a newborn session from start to finish in a very stripped down, intimate setting. I will help you learn how to achieve my dreamy, natural light techniques or moody studio light techniques. I will cover my initial setup process including session prep, creating natural and organic styling methods, custom white balance, the use of angles and creating depth through the use of shadows, how to safely pose newborns and to refine and perfect each little finger, wrapping techniques, soothing, and parent prep.

Shooting with Sandra Workshop, my workshop will cover:


Newborn Poses such as The Potato Sack and beanbag posing – Wrapping – Using Props – Workflow (how I would shoot a session) – Natural Lighting as it is my only source of light that I use – Camera Settings – Camera Angles

Parent/Sibling Posing (if we have cooperative siblings) using backlit shooting

Safe Posing Composites (The Froggy and Taco) Only if baby allows us. Settling Techniques

After Lunch we will discuss all things business (social media and its effectiveness) and editing your images

Post Processing – Editing Techniques – Photoshop

Allowing yourself to be who you want to be.. No imitations just what makes you feel good. FINDING YOUR STYLE!!!

Connie’s Magic Moments

Connie will be covering capturing the beauty and essence of maternity, newborns, children and families, along with shooting techniques, studio and natural lighting, angles, connection, finding the light, camera settings, styling, posing, preparation for all above mentioned sessions, workflow and post processing and how to ensure you have great foundations to run and maintain a successful business.