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Newborn Accredited Photographer ~ AIM Photography ~ Edmonton Newborn, Family, Maternity Photographer

AIM Photography is a high-end boutique service specializing in Newborn and Maternity photography. Lauren is highly sought after for her experience behind the camera, beautiful images and ability as a baby whisperer. She is a member of the Professional Photographers of Canada association. Come join the family! read more

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Newborn Accredited Photographer, Lauren is the face behind AIM Photography.  Being a member and accredited by the Professional Photographers of Canada, Lauren upholds the greatest of standards when producing images during your session.  The main goal is making your session a fun memory and creating for you beautiful, timeless art that will last a lifetime.  Lauren has a passion for newborns and it shows in the quality of  work that she puts into every session and image.  With your family in the wonderful hands of Lauren, mom and dad can relax over a cup of coffee or tea while the little one is being carefully captured in beautiful newborn pictures.

Let’s create beautiful, timeless memories together.  Call 780.932.0693.
 Email contact@aimphotography.ca
 Check out the website for more images. www.aimphotography.ca
 We so look forward to working with you.
Sound Business Practices
I am a professional newborn photographer and certify I have and will continue to fulfill all licensing and regulatory requirements for qualification to do business in my state/province and country as a professional photographer.
I am a Professional Newborn Photographer
I am a professional newborn photographer and will achieve and maintain a professional level of expertise. I will always treat clients respectfully and will seek to resolve any conflicts with clients should they arise.
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Address Edmonton, AB, Canada
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