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Aj Nick Photography

I specialize in newborn, children, family and maternity photography. My studio is on Long Island, in East Meadow. I look forward to hearing from you! {Making Memories, out of every day moments!} read more

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Hi! Lets see, you want to know a little bit about me… Well first I can tell you that becoming a mom is probably one of my greatest accomplishments. (especially since it hasn’t been an easy road accomplishing it!) I also love all things butterfly… and dragonfly. They hold a special place in my little world. I can’t live without my coffee and I hate being in pictures! (go figure) My boys are my inspiration, my life and my heart. From the very first time I laid eyes on them, I wanted to capture every second of their lives, since as we all know in a blink of an eye that moment is gone! The only thing we have left if we are super lucky, is photo capturing that split second in time and freezing it forever. Adding yet another beautiful page to our amazing life story!
Being able to do this for you is my second greatest accomplishment!! I wasn’t always a “photographer”, but it was always my passion,  And well, here we are now!  I was able to turn my hobby into my career, and I say to myself every day, who has a better job then me! Who else gets to love up brand new 5 day old little angles all day or giggle and play with a rambunctious toddler or 2, or meet amazing families and share my passion and visions with them. I get to take those every day simple moments and turn them into a memory for you to share and to have for years to come.

I specialize in newborn, children, family and maternity photography.  My studio is on Long Island, in East Meadow.

Thank you for choosing me to be the one to capture these memories. oxo Jessica

Servicing Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, NY and NJ

Sound Business Practices
I am a professional newborn photographer and certify I have and will continue to fulfill all licensing and regulatory requirements for qualification to do business in my state/province and country as a professional photographer.
I am a Professional Newborn Photographer
I am a professional newborn photographer and will achieve and maintain a professional level of expertise. I will always treat clients respectfully and will seek to resolve any conflicts with clients should they arise.
Website Link www.ajnickphotography.com
Address East Meadow, NY, USA