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Wunderkind Photography by Stefanie Adams-Figueroa

Premier Fuchsstadt, Germany Newborn Photographer read more

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‘m a 35 year old mom of 4, with (obviously) a love for babies 😉 I started my “official” journey in 2012 in NY, and quickly decided that I wanted to specialize in newborn photography. In 2015 we relocated from NY to Germany (gasp), and while it was pretty hard, starting again from the bottom, being used to a different way of doing just about everything that relates to newborn photography (in the US that is), I managed to build my business back up in under 2 years, and with lots of blood, sweat and many many MANY tears, I landed a job at one of the top 10 hospitals in the entire country (eeeeeeek) as their one and only newborn photographer! So now half my day is spend at the studio, and the other half I’m at the hospital where I photograph itty bitty newborns – sometimes not even a day old yet. I live for and through my work, it fulfills me. I love every bit of it!

Sound Business Practices
I am a professional newborn photographer and certify I have and will continue to fulfill all licensing and regulatory requirements for qualification to do business in my state/province and country as a professional photographer.
I am a Professional Newborn Photographer
I am a professional newborn photographer and will achieve and maintain a professional level of expertise. I will always treat clients respectfully and will seek to resolve any conflicts with clients should they arise.
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Address Fuchsstadt, Germany
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